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Smart AI Translator, dreaming of a world communicating without language barriers
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Whenever you need translation during your travels, business trips or while studying a language just bring Papago, a smart parrot who can translate multiple languages for you.

▶ What does ‘Papago’ mean?
In Esperanto, Papago refers to a parrot, a bird with language abilities.
Papago supports 13 languages : Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Russian, German and Italian.

▶ Main features
1) Text Translation
Real-time text translation for phrases and words

2) Image Translation
Automatic recognition and translation of text in the image by taking a picture and pressing the button

3) Voice Translation
Real-time voice translation to both text and audio

4) Offline translation
Can translate even in offline

5) Conversation Translation
Simultaneously speak in each other’s language when talking one-on-one with a foreigner

6) Handwriting Translation
Handwriting translation that finds the correct word and translation when you write using your finger

7) Website Translation
Automatic translation for all content when you include the URL of a foreign website

8) Papago Mini
Automatic in-screen translation by Papago Mini when you copy the text in any application

9) Dictionary
Dictionary information provided to check additional meanings other than initial translation results

10) Global Conversation
Basic expressions available without a network connections

Be confident anytime, anywhere with your translating partner Papago!

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▶ Required app permissions:
· Microphone : allows voice/conversation translation.
· Camera : allows image translation.
· Save : saves pictures taken.
· Contacts : You can use NAVER login
· Phone : For safe use of NAVER, Device ID may be checked for functions such as verifying the logged in device and changing the login status.

▶ Optional app permissions (you can use the app even without allowing this permission):
· Location : Better translation results are provided based on location information.

※ Available for Android 5.0 and up only.
※ Available on PC and mobile.
※ For app-related issues and errors:

Developer Contact No.:

178-1, Green Factory, Jeongja-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Seoul

What's new

- Image error report feature provided
: Click the error report button in the image translation result to report errors.
- German dictionary entries added
: Dictionary information is provided at the bottom when translating German to Korean.
: Dictionary information is provided the translation result from Korean to German is clicked.
- Other service improvements



8 comentarios en "Naver Papago – AI Translator"

  1. Edzr.r says:

    Overall, the app is really really good. One of the most useful apps for translations, I’d say. The function to translate websites through the app is really useful for me since I read some comics through websites and often it’s in another language besides English which I can’t understand. I also noticed that this function can’t seem to translate the pictures shown within the website. It would be even better if this kind of function is added later in a new update, thank you. (^~^)ノ♡

  2. Szymon Shields says:

    There are times where I have to restart the app because it won’t let me highlight the text in the image.

  3. It's free says:

    Love this app it’s very handy to understand different languages, but sometimes the translation doesn’t make sense like straight up gibberish, and even if I use my commonsense to understand the translations it still doesn’t make sense, but over all this app is great and handy.

  4. Renu Gupta. says:

    I really like this app it’s really helps us to translate Chinese,Japanese especially Korean. I don’t know much about Chinese and japenese I only use korean. And I read many reviews saying it’s didn’t connect with internet. So plzzz go to the offline translation and then download in which language you want it then you can also translate anything without using internet. I hope it’s helpful for those peoples who don’t know.🙂

  5. A Google user says:

    It’s very accurate and easy to use translator especially for Korean

  6. Carla Edmonson says:

    One of the better translator apps. Actually gives you the conversational translations rather than wors for word (EX: the store Jon go -> Jon went to the store). My favorite thing is translating from pictures. No copy and paste text – just screen shot text, open app, pick picture and translate.

  7. omfganimal says:

    Phenominal app. It doesn’t give synonyms in Japanese like I sometimes get in Korean. Not sure how to get this to work. I use this tool for scanning manhwa and manga. The voices that read off what you enter are high quality voices, unlike Google 5kbps voice packs. This app has great sophisticated word choice. I actually learn new words from using this app. Pretty good at scanning handwritten text.

  8. 한시우 says:

    What happened?? It used to translate everything from japanese so well, but now it gives me strange sentences. Even for basic things like introducing myself. Please fix this soon…

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