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A brand-new style of real-time strategy card game
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Rayark’s first step into an esports title!
Soul of Eden is a PvP competitive game that combines real-time strategy with card games. The unique spread system, the exciting four-minute games, every single match is a different challenge! Choose your destined one among the four major factions and challenge contestants from all across the world!

#Choose your faction
The tech-savvy Republic, the unpredictable Aliens, the sword-and-magic wielding Empire, and the savage Beasts. Four factions, four completely different styles for players to choose. The Factions’ stories intertwine with one another. Which Faction will you lead to glory?

#Build your deck
Over 100 unique cards, with a deck flexibility of 30 cards. Unleash your strategic potential and create your own tactics.

#Showcase your controls
The unique spread deploy system leads to endless formations in battle. The skills of the legendary heroes can turn the tide of battle all by themselves! On the ever-changing battlefield, your controls and decisions will be the key to achieve victory!

What's new

- Fixed an issue that was causing display errors on the Match Replay page.



4 comentarios en "Soul of Eden"

  1. jadedcream welp says:

    It’s ok but the one thing holding it back is simplicity. There is some depth and strategy but with how simple the gameplay mixed with the simple goal makes it fairly bland. All units move forward or stay still and decay. The objective is to get to the end and deal damage to the leader all units have a cost but that’s not really to big of a deal as it’s more of a time to wait before you can play the unit. Maybe just make the objective more open ended or have complicated travel paths.

  2. TheRealJayJax says:

    I like this game, but the problem is high level play is all but dominated by laggy matches. It really seems like the way to win is to send a few hero units and unplug my router. When you get to diamond and above, you expect to see interesting tactics and skillful play. Not heroes being summoned en masse at the line and teleporting to your base.

  3. MasterRodLee says:

    This game crashes too much. Its playable but annoying. I get matched with players higher ranked than me way too often. It makes the game less competitive in my opinion. Its starting to be a pay to win tower defense game. Still an awesome game though

  4. Hermann M says:

    The game randomly crashes a lot for no reason when opening a card pack, staring a match, in the middle of a match, buying from the shop… this doesnt happen in other simillar style games I play but the game is fun when it doesnt crashes.

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