World War 2: Offline Strategy


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Historic events of World War 2
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Command allies in 25 epic World War 2 locations. We have created a historic offline strategy based on real WW2 events. You can play the offline game without internet and wi-fi. Build towers in Soviet Union, Normandy, Pearl Harbor, Berlin, Poland.

In this strategy we have carefully reproduced main campaigns of second World War:
* Events in Moscow
* Operation Overlord or battle of Normandy
* Imperial Japan on american naval base in Pearl Harbor
* Berlin

World War 2 takes place in alternate history of WWII where actual historic events, robots and steampunk machines are mixed together. Normandy and Berlin. USSR and Pearl Harbor and organize an escape from a camp in Poland. Offline strategy game without wi fi or internet connection.

Great amount of enemies in steampunk World War 2 Syndicate – alternate history game in real historic locations!



4 comentarios en "World War 2: Offline Strategy"

  1. Tony K says:

    Too annoying ads. You have to watch it every round, and sometimes after a victory. Ads for a minute (so you cant play it then you have few free minutes), you can’t disable sound in it (had to turn off all sound). Game have a lot of content, but you can’t use it without watching ads. It’s a pity. Oh, also there are some minor bugs with control of the units: it’s not clear where they can go, sometimes soldiers stuck at the border and miss the combat, poked everything, but they didn’t care.

  2. Daniel Richard says:

    I really like this game. I like the card system but they need to be organized better. Once ypu play for a whole and you have like 1000 cards it can take a long time to find the ones you eamt to upgrade. My other issue is were is the Survival mode… I emailed them months ago stating that the Survival mode was missing, they replied we will fix it next update but so far nothing…

  3. Taylor Shallenberger says:

    Same as all games. Want money and more money. You grind until you get to a level with a huge robot with a head in it and its impossible to beat unless you spend a bunch of money. Dont recommend

  4. Waj N says:

    ADS!!! Play a lvl, followed by ad Upgrade anything follwed by ad Everytime just ad Wasn’t too bothered at first due to many games having ads. But this becomes soo intrusive ane unplayable after a few times

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