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The ultimate battle between civilizations in the palm of your hand!
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Choose a Tribe and build your kingdom. Conquer villages and cities to expand your land. Learn new Tech to increase Gold income and prepare your army. Warriors, knights, cannons, battleships and many more Units to choose from!
Come up with new strategies to defeat your opponents, and claim glorious victory!

– Tribes each have Guardians with their own special abilities.
– Over 12 units to choose from, for exciting land and naval battles.
– The terrain generator guarantees a unique world in every game.
– What resources to collect and what tech to research is up to you.
– 4 difficulty levels awaits for your challenge!
– Supports English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, German, Chinese.

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What's new

• Added language : Thai
• UI improvements
• Bugs fixes
• Balance adjustments
- Pharus : Added a warrior on extra city



4 comentarios en "Hexonia"

  1. Anon ymous says:

    Great game. I’ve played both this and Polytopia and they’re both great in their own way. This has far better graphics and if you do choose to buy any of the other armies then they are pretty affordable imo. But there’s no incentive to do so. Multiplayer is missing however, but I prefer to play solo anyway so fine with me.

  2. Nunya Bidnes says:

    Great game, completely payable and enjoyable without spending a dime, and the cost of purchaseable items isn’t outrageous. I have PTSD and am prone to anxiety attacks when I feel overwhelmed- believe it or not, playing this game really helps, as strategizing and focusing on a clear goal are soothing when I’m panicked. Winning feels rewarding, and losing feels absolutely fair, like you got outplayed, not held back until you buy something. Love it.

  3. Mike Katchmar says:

    There are parts of this game that are great – but as others say lack of multiplayer or campaign mode make this something I’ll enjoy for a few weeks then move on. Spending money to unlock tribes doesn’t appeal unless it was totally new campaigns per tribe. Great hex battler besides it’s pitfalls. Hard to recommend above other games in the genre.

  4. Adonis Hulliger says:

    It’s a fun basic game but is has three big problems. 1. No Multiplayer. This game really calls for a MP mode but still doesn’t have one, despite players asking for one for a loong time. This is the main reason that I will not spend any money on the game. 2. No Campaign. If you don’t have multiplayer, you’ve got to have a campaign! You can’t expect players to play only skirmishes vs. A.I. for more than a few days, maybe weeks. 3. Monetization. e.g. bundles… (no space in review anymore.)

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