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WhatsApp from Facebook is a FREE messaging and video calling app. It’s used by over 2B people in more than 180 countries. It’s simple, reliable, and private, so you can easily keep in touch with your friends and family. WhatsApp works across mobile and desktop even on slow connections, with no subscription fees*.

**Private messaging across the world**

Your personal messages and calls to friends and family are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of your chats, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them.

**Simple and secure connections, right away**

All you need is your phone number, no user names or logins. You can quickly view your contacts who are on WhatsApp and start messaging.

**High quality voice and video calls**

Make secure video and voice calls with up to 8 people for free*. Your calls work across mobile devices using your phone’s Internet service, even on slow connections.

**Group chats to keep you in contact**

Stay in touch with your friends and family. End-to-end encrypted group chats let you share messages, photos, videos and documents across mobile and desktop.

**Stay connected in real time**

Share your location with only those in your individual or group chat, and stop sharing at any time. Or record a voice message to connect quickly.

**Share daily moments through Status**

Status allows you to share text, photos, video and GIF updates that disappear after 24 hours. You can choose to share status posts with all your contacts or just selected ones.

*Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details.


If you have any feedback or questions, please go to **WhatsApp** > **Settings** > **Help** > **Contact Us**

What's new

* You can now send photos and videos that can only be viewed once by recipients. Tap the new "1" icon that appears next to the caption.
* Archived chats will now stay archived and muted when new messages arrive. You can change the experience in Settings > Chats > Keep Chats Archived.
* You can now leave and rejoin group calls from the calls tab while they are ongoing.


8 comentarios en "WhatsApp Messenger"

  1. Antara Sadhu says:

    I was having an issue with the voice and video calls. So, I complained to the tech support. They were quick to respond. And an update resolved the matter. I don’t know if my complaint prompted the update but I’m very grateful. Thanks 🙂

  2. Hari Narayan says:

    Everything was fine until this problem came. When I record the video the full video looks so clear but when I send it to others the video looks so blur and is not having any good quality. I thought that it might be my camera problem but it was not. I downloaded other camera apps also but it is the same problem again. I want this bug to be fixed! Please🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽. If u fix this bug then I will give you the full 5 star rating.

  3. Malavika - says:

    It’s a very bad thing you have done in previous updates taking the archives at the top of the chat . The archives will at the last of all the chats so no one can notice it, but now it’s on the top and any one can click on it see our personal chats . So I will request you to please keep the archives at the bottom of all the chats . Please do this in new update

  4. Mohammed Mustafa says:

    Ever since I withdrew from beta testing, I have been unable to make or receive calls… It crashes whenever I try making a call, or when someone else calls me. And why I withdrew from beta? I couldn’t view yesterday’s chats, the loading/buffering symbol would just appear, and that was it. Please make the thing smooth!

  5. Nilesh Singh says:

    There is a glitch or bug. Whatever it is, it’s that when I download any media like a photo recieved from someone and try to open. It disappears and shows to download again. However that media is available in my phone gallery. Please look into this matter. It’s quite disturbing , problematic , time consuming and frustrating. Thanks.

  6. Ms Thomas says:

    All the updates are concerns I had in the past and Im really happy that they are answered. However one thing I think Whatsapp should add to the app is to ‘share phone screen’ when you are on a video call with someone. Most times, my friend(s) and I want to show each other the steps in doing a certain thing on the phone itself and we are have difficulty doing so because we’re not able to see each other’s screen.

  7. Ajay Keezhil says:

    Truly it’s an amazing app. But as the popularity increased, it’s getting messier too. Group chats mostly can’t convey important messages. Wish whatsapp permits to send high priority messages in groups, which can be filtered out easily. Also polls and message types which can accept 👍👎will be very good. Nowadays if anyone posts a message we have to see another 100 messages with just 👍and 👎also in-between important messages won’t get any attention

  8. Azam Farooq says:

    What a malfunctioning update is this. Its my third time i Lost my chat history. Suddenly a pop-up appear that something went wrong with your chat and when i restore it, my whole chat just disappears. All this happened when i updated it to the latest version. What a rubbish update and mess. Whatsapp should really think on to it. Read other comments as well. All are facing same issue..

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