Rabbit in the moon


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The rabbits used to be the strongest among all species in the world.
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A brand new battle RPG for your strategic mind!

Bored with repetitive automatic battles?
Tired of complex and difficult strategy games?

Join the adventures of Lunhare, the world’s strongest rabbit.
Rebuild the ruined Holy Land of Eternity
with 150+ awesome heroes.

Highly recommended for those who are interested in turn-based games or JRPG.

What's new

Added new LR hero, Arthur.
Added LR equipment.
Added 3-year Anniversary Badge.
Bug fixes and function improvements



4 comentarios en "Rabbit in the moon"

  1. Ben Burge says:

    Well, if I could continue the tutorial I could give a complete review. However, I’m stuck on a spot where I’m apparently supposed to open the center chest as that has a check mark over it. I can’t. The tutorial guide is squarely pointing at the third chest, that I can’t access, clearly because i haven’t achieved it yet. As such, since the guide is driving, i am only permitted to access the inaccessible, and this we are at an impasse and i cannot continue.

  2. Steven Wetzel says:

    I rarely ever leave a review on a game but this one is really exceptional. I’ve played for a couple hours today and I haven’t been bored once. They give you enough premium currency for 10x summons or just whatever you need it for. I haven’t spent a dime so far and I honestly wont even need to, if anything I’ll buy something just to support the developers. Good work!

  3. Ange Marhefka says:

    Was OK. The tutorial is so painly long. Just as a tip, it’s ok for players not to know everything, let us explore if we want. Artstyle was very nice. Characters aren’t really the best, the ChiefCommander is very annoying. Overall, this game did not really stay on my phone for long, there are other games that are similar but just overall better.

  4. Frostclaw says:

    I’ve had this game for a few days only, and so far I absolutely loved it! The characters are cute, moonstones (mainly used for summoning new heroes) are quite easy to get. I expected an offline rewards system, but I think the power saving mode + auto battle compensates for that. The pandora’s box system is also something I like a lot about this. The only thing I’d want is a way to reset heroes to level 1. Other than that, I would definitely recommend this! Keep the good work up, dev(s)!

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